Vapour Blasting

Vapour Blasting: We offer vapour blasting for components up to 1m wide x 1m long x 1m tall.

Vapour blasting is a service new for 2016 and is carried out with a low pressure Vixen 915 ideal for surface cleaning and restoration of car parts both modern and vintage.

Soft Cleaning

Vapour blasting degreases and cleans by the action of the media flowing across the component surface and not by the force of impact such as grit blasting, resulting in a smoother finish that virtually peens the surface leaving it in a final finished condition.

Plastic Cleaning

Because of the surface mechanics inherent with the process, vapour blasting can be used for a wider range of materials including plastics, including nylon, polypropylene, acrylic and perspex.

Car and Motorcycle Restoration

A primary driver behind our recent investment in vapour blasting capability is to serve the car and motorcycle restoration market. We are happy to offer out vapour basting service to both industrial customers that require batch work as well as motor garages, repair shops, and members of the public. No job is too small. read more

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